To create awareness worldwide, United People Global (UPG) Sustainability Leadership Program is held with the youth on the 17 SDGs of the United Nations in a joint initiative of the United People Global based in Geneva, city of Switzerland and the American Hurricane Island for Science and Leadership in every year.


Around 13,000 students from 120 countries of the world participated in the 1st round. Where the students selected through the shortlist were given a training session of around 9 weeks. Through which the young leaders there acquire the necessary knowledge and skills, they go to various educational institutions for training sessions. 


Through awareness about global problems and prevent these. Encouraging children to acquire quality education, eradicating poverty through education, pollution free and Encourages them to work together to build a sustainable world in cooperation with each other by creating a healthy environment and eliminating gender inequality.

According to Nadia Akter Dipa, United People Global organizes various impactful events such as "United for Ukraine," which supports communities affected by conflict, "Peace for Palestine," advocating for peace in the region, "United Voices," providing a platform for diverse perspectives, and the "Mothers Day Special Program," celebrating and empowering mothers globally. These events underscore UPG’s commitment to fostering peace, inclusion, and empowerment across different communities.


According to Nupur Khanom, United People Global (UPG) organizes its programs mainly on the basis of creating competent leaders. UPG is a platform where the young people who are motivated to achieve the 17 goals of the SDGs are prepared to solve various problems by increasing their participation and creating a cordial and strong relationship among all. Contributing to developing leadership qualities of their young leaders by encouraging them and providing necessary facilities, training.


Nupur Khanom think the importance of such programs in creating a sustainable world by harnessing the talents and skills of vibrant youth is indescribable.


Ibrahim Ali Raju is passionate about raising awareness about the world's challenges. He has traveled to schools and universities, engaging with children, students of all ages, and his peers for arranging mini training sessions. Through these mini training sessions, he educates them about the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These goals aim to tackle critical issues like poverty,inequality, and environmental protection. Ibrahim Ali Raju focuses on inspiring them to become part of the solution and build a more sustainable future for all. He particularly focuses on quality education, poverty alleviation. 


Ibrahim Ali Raju feels United People Global (UPG) as a powerful tool for empowering young people to achieve the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In his view, the program educates young people about these global challenges,fosters leadership skills, and equips them to tackle the world's problems. He believes UPG plays a critical role in building a sustainable future by cultivating the abilities and talents of promising young people.


Ibrahim Ali Raju found the UPG Sustainability Leadership Program to be a valuable learning experience. He believes the program has the potential to make a significant impact by empowering young people to create a more sustainable world.


UPG is working with motivated young people based on achieving the 17 goals of SDGs to build a sustainable world. At the end of this nine-week program, 500 students will be awarded certificates and 60 students will be trained for a week in Hurricane Island, America, fully funded. NF